You need rain..., 2009
Wavelength, 2008
Interact, 2007
1992-404, 2006
Hygia, 2005/06
Hum, 2005/06
Broken GL, 2005
Work Out, 2004
Voodoo, 2004
Listening Glass, 2004
Caravel, 2003
Claustrophonic, 2002
Xenhale, 2002
Meld, 2001
Claustrophonic, 2002
Interactive Installation

Claustrophonic is an Interactive Audio Installation. It consists of a small space, the entire floor of which is a mattress spring under carpet. A series of pressure sensors are then connected from underneath this floor into a computer running a synthesiser created using open source software. The sensors modulate a drone which eminates from surround speakers inside the space, placing the audience in a digitally created audio energy field that responds organically to their presence and movement. The space is dark and there is a night vision security camera in the corner patched into a monitor outside the space. People outside are then able to see people stumbling around inside the installation.

As well as dealing with a running theme in my work of the interaction between the physical and digital planes of existence, Claustrophonic also brings other ideas into play. The darkness, volume, confinement and uncertain footing make entering the installation a daunting experience. Surveillance is normally used to monitor a space for the safety of people or property, where as here we have a space that monitors the unsafety of the people inside it. The theme of surveillance is made all the more poignant by the sign at the installation’s entrance, “NO JUMPING”.