You need rain..., 2009
Wavelength, 2008
Interact, 2007
1992-404, 2006
Hygia, 2005/06
Hum, 2005/06
Broken GL, 2005
Work Out, 2004
Voodoo, 2004
Listening Glass, 2004
Caravel, 2003
Claustrophonic, 2002
Xenhale, 2002
Meld, 2001
Listening Glass, 2004
Collaboration with Jasper Streit
Interactive Installation
The work is a digital life form that feeds on the sound waves and kinetics of the collective public. As people pass the work it engages in 'conversation', responding to the noises passersby emit.

The work pulsates with the collective pulse of the public. Like a DNA donation to the evolution of the entity, affecting the work in such a way that it becomes unique through the interminable interaction specific to its location.

The absorption of the sound is much like the process of osmosis, where the soundscape of the work reflects fragments of the 'physical world'. The fragmentation of the incoming sound is important to the aesthetics of the soundscape- where the physical world sound is 'frozen', re-arranged, stretched and pitched; the original altered, yet still discernible.

The sonic intensity of the public also feeds the 'pixel cells' growing on the digital plane building up to a critical mass appearing as visual white noise. It consists of all frequencies at once, the saturation that is the opposite of emptiness.