You need rain..., 2009
Wavelength, 2008
Interact, 2007
1992-404, 2006
Hygia, 2005/06
Hum, 2005/06
Broken GL, 2005
Work Out, 2004
Voodoo, 2004
Listening Glass, 2004
Caravel, 2003
Claustrophonic, 2002
Xenhale, 2002
Meld, 2001


 Wavelength, 2008
Interactive Audio Installation

Featuring sound works by

Peter Blamey
Monica Brooks
Nicholas Economos
Jon Hunter
Jenny Hyde
Julian Knowles
Emily Morandini
Kusum Normoyle
Jasper Streit

For Wavelength, sound artists were invited to compose works in a way different from the cinematic baggage associated with surround sound. Each of 5 audio channels for each piece is broadcasted from a different FM transmitter hidden within the space, all transmitting on the same frequency. Audience members are invited to don the headphones tuned into this frequency and explore the soundscape of radio signals which exist within the space by moving through it. Pieces of the artists works emerge and disappear into the cacophony of the cities crowded radio waves and into each other, sometimes ambiguous as to what is the artist's contribution and what is the artifacting inherent in the system or alien signals permeating the boundaries of the installation.